An inside view to support our electrical retail expertise

BUECKER & PARTNERS’ strength stems from its systematically combining research skills with industry insights and personal network relationships.

At BUECKER & PARTNERS, industry expertise is a lot more than just HR advice to electrical retailing and the electrical industry. Chris Buecker is an industry insider who has gained longstanding operational leadership experience in electrical retailing. His personal network connecting him to top-level executive management across the industry is at the disposal of BUECKER & PARTNERS.

Our clients can trust our

  • Insider knowledge
  • Method skills and top-notch research
  • High-calibre proprietary network
  • Independence

“We love
Electrical Retail and Industry.
It is our Passion.”


Chris Buecker
President and CEO

These qualities have us delivering a personal and independent selection process of the highest order, enhanced by integrity and skills based on insider networks.